Poor Pups Rescued From 'Horrific Conditions' Are Now Trying To Recover...

Poor Pups Rescued From 'Horrific Conditions' Are Now Trying To Recover...

If you don’t have the means to care for pups, you should not even attempt to keep them. This actually goes without saying, but there are still some people who don’t understand that dogs need shelter, food, exercise, and care just as much as humans do.

The person who owned these twelve German shepherd pups definitely didn’t think that fact through. He himself lived in a school bus, and the dogs he kept were penned up in wire cages outside, their only source of shelter being plain boards balanced on top of their cages. It is believed that he wanted to find a way to make money off of them.

National Mill Dog Rescue, founded about 10 years ago, were called in to take these pups in after a veterinarian convinced the man to surrender his poorly cared for pups. Two of the pups were at a decent weight, but the others were emaciated or otherwise starving. Volunteers with the rescue will have to work on their social skills before they can be adopted.

For now, these twelve pups are healing after years spent without being properly cared for and only being caged up. Despite all that, staff are confident that these pups will eventually find their way to forever loving homes. Don’t forget to like and share this story, and let’s send these pups out well wishes so they get better soon!

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