Pup Goes Missing While On A Walk Ends Up Being Rescued From A Deep Ravine

Pup Goes Missing While On A Walk Ends Up Being Rescued From A Deep Ravine

Purdy the pup was out with her family for a fun walk. It was their usual 6am stroll, and it was a lovely Tuesday morning. At one point, the family stopped to allow their pups to run around. That’s when Purdy was spooked by a loud sound and took off running.

The fogginess of the field made it difficult for her Dad – and even her fellow pup siblings – to find her. He searched as hard as could, but to no avail. The family asked around, and neighbors thought they may have seen her be hit by a vehicle and then dash off again.

Then, a few hours later, a man happened to spot a white furry fuzz huddled inside a ravine as he was walking by. It was Purdy – but of course, the man didn’t know that. He rang up the RSPCA, and Inspector Sarah Bagley soon arrived at the scene. But this was only half the battle won.

Purdy was very stuck and it was too steep for her to climb back up. Bagley tried to pick her up, but the frightened pup kept trying to get away. Eventually, Bagley and the man who first found Purdy worked together to use towels to make a sling. Together, they used the makeshift sling to get her legs and were able to carry her back up.

Luckily, Purdy was microchipped and her family was soon identified, and the pup was returned to open arms and relieved hugs. Though she was only gone for five hours, her family had been terrified the entire time. Thankfully, the pup isn’t injured, and her microchip brought her right back home!

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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