Why Does Your Pup Stare At You When They Poop?

Why Does Your Pup Stare At You When They Poop?

Pup parents might notice that when they take their pup outside to use the bathroom, their pup seems to watch them while they’re defecating. It’s definitely an odd behavior, but why does it happen?

It’s a survival instinct that makes pups do this. Dogs, and other animals in general, are usually at their most vulnerable when they’re using the toilet. The posture requires means that if needed, the pup can’t fight or run away from danger.

So what does this have to do with your pup keeping their eyes trained on you? Well, pups view their Mommies and Daddies as part of their pack, or even the leader of that pack. So while your pup is eliminating, they’re relying on you, as a member of their pack, to keep an eye out or let them know if danger arises. Your pup watches you in case you use body language that indicates trouble arising.

This is also why some dogs simply refuse to defecate on a leash or if they are being watched. They may also slip away as far as they can get from their homes in order to not draw attention to their actions, as they’re in a vulnerable state. Essentially, pups do what comes naturally to them based on what their instincts dictate.

As long as it is safe, allow your pup to do as they need to during bathroom time, and try not to make sudden moves or startle them while they’re going! Respect your pup’s needs, and it’ll pay off. Do like and share this information if you found it interesting or helpful!

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