This Pup Walks To School Everyday So Students Will Pet Her!

This Pup Walks To School Everyday So Students Will Pet Her!

Some schools request therapy dogs during the more stressful periods of the academic year. It can help students and staff to unwind, relax, and get some cuddles from a pup who is just as happy to get all this attention!

Well a school in County Cavan, Ireland, doesn’t have to go searching for these specially trained pups, because they have one who voluntarily shows up on her own, just because she feels like it!


Lucky is a beautiful, sweet pup who was adopted as a stray. She has a very wonderful and loving family where she receives lots of affection, but as a dog who thrives on attention and pets, she doesn’t mind going around and looking for more!


So every so often, Lucky trots down over to this school. She times it so that it’s close to dismissal time, and she stands by the outer wall in wait. Once kids begin to exit, she proudly props herself up on the wall so that everyone can see her and collects a large amount of kisses, cuddles, and pats on the head! When Lucky is satisfied and her attention meter is filled, she goes back home to Mommy.


Lucky is at the school so often that all of the students recognize her as a regular fixture. They’re always happy to go over and pet her, and she brightens everyone’s day! What an absolute sweetheart! Don’t forget to like and share this cute story!

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