Rescue Dog Can't Believe She Has Her Very Own Yard To Play!

Rescue Dog Can't Believe She Has Her Very Own Yard To Play!

Wandering around alone in the streets near Akron Ohio, was a pitbull named Mia. She was incredibly sick and was taken to a vet by some good people in the area.

A few months later, Mia was adopted by a loving family and has been loving her life ever since. Mia’s favorite thing to do is cuddle with her family, playing with her toys, and run around whenever she has the energy. Taylor Clapp, who is Mia’s new mom, says that she’s really lazy most of the time, but at random moments will get bursts of energy.

Due to this, Mia’s family considered moving in order to give her the space she needed and a yard of her own. Mia loves to play outside, and her family knows this. When she was first adopted, the family had a small backyard, which did not offer Mia much space to play. They ended up moving and began to fence in their new yard.

While waiting, Mia would play with her neighbors in their yard, and absolutely loved it. They would run wild together and enjoy the time spent being able to roam free in the grass. Back in their yard, Mia would be confined to a leash and hated every second of it.

After a few weeks of working, the fence was finally completed and Mia’s family couldn’t wait to show her and let her run around. They opened the door for her, and Mia, who was finally without a leash, went crazy. Taylor took a video of this happy moment, which showed Mia zooming around and playing in her very own, large, backyard.

Isn’t this the best happy ending on the planet at this point?!

Images Source: Taylor Clapp

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