Science Proves That Dogs Indeed Make Our Lives Happier!

Science Proves That Dogs Indeed Make Our Lives Happier!

Pups bring so much joy and happiness to our lives that it can be difficult to imagine life without them. Where would we be without our little bundles of energy and fun always keeping us company, like the loving and loyal companions they are?

As it turns out, science may have proven that this love we feel for our pups is important for our lives! Research has already suggested that love is important for our personal wellbeing and also crucial for the continuation of the human species. Studies have also shown that love is a manifestation of the chemicals and positive hormones in our brain, which play a role in conjuring this complex emotion.

Amazingly, a study published in Hormones & Behavior suggests that when pup parents look at their dogs, the same positive chemical reactions occur and increases production of oxytocin in the brain. This means that it’s been scientifically proven that dogs make us happy, just by looking at us!

It’s not as if we need proof to know that dogs are gifts to our lives. Our pups give us warmth and affection that are important to us, and the love we return to them is equally vital for our own happiness. It’s really a beautiful world! Do like and share this information with other pup Mommies and Daddies – but I’m sure they already knew their pups were special, anyway!

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