See What This Adorable German Shepherd Is About To Do NOW!

See What This Adorable German Shepherd Is About To Do NOW!

Everyone meet Angel, an adorable German shepherd pup who resting right now, but seconds from now something incredible happens and she can’t contain herself anymore! Can you guess why she’s about to get so excited?

Angel absolutely, completely and totally loves her mommy! She’s a momma’s girl and no one can deny it, but where’s mom? Well mom had to go out to work so Angel waited for her by the door…patiently waiting for her favorite person to return…then finally! So why do our fur balls get excited when we get home?

According to BarkPost, “It’s probable that pups have not learned to accept voluntary detachment. Pups cannot think in abstract concepts like humans and therefore, their emotions are more extreme. Happy when we are around and sad when we are not. And that’s also why our dogs give us so many kisses and sniffs upon our return. Pups use this as a tool to gain knowledge, by sniffing and licking our face, they find out where we’ve been. And even if we’ve brought food.”

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Feature Image Source: Flickr

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