Senior Pup Who Was Almost Euthanized For Her Skin Condition Gets Adopted!

Senior Pup Who Was Almost Euthanized For Her Skin Condition Gets Adopted!

All pups deserve a second chance at love and a forever home. That’s what Shelby, a neglected 10-year-old labrador coonhound mix pup got after her original family gave up on her due to her skin condition.

The skin condition required the pup be bathed every other day and given $200 medication, and those who had her couldn’t spare the time or money. In fact, the pup was almost euthanized due to the fact that she was in such poor condition that many believed she was dying. Luckily, when Cecelia Blake, cofounder of Connect A Pet New England, was contacted about it, she realized that the pup’s condition could be completely treatable.


The pup showed signs of having been neglected for a long time. She was malnourished, nearly 20 pounds underweight, and suffered from several medical issues due to not receiving the care she deserved. She had infections in her ears, an eye, and even a tooth, and she was infested with parasites.


Shelby was strong, and she received the medical attention she needed, as well as food, water, and love. Black fostered Shelby until she was well enough to be put up for adoption. And when it was time, she found the perfect forever home with Lilian and Red Bibber, an elderly couple in Ossipee, New Hampshire.


They had recently lost their previous pup to cancer, and their granddaughter saw Shelby’s story on Facebook and knew it would be the right fit. The pup, now happily having found a new Mommy and Daddy, is completely spoiled with love!


She loves to sleep, watch the other neighborhood animals, and “talk” to her parents. She even likes to watch Mommy bake, and she’s apparently the sweetest pup you ever did meet! Aren’t you glad Shelby got the happy ending she deserves? If so, like and share away!

Images Credit: Cecelia Blake

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