Service Dog Brings Comfort To Doctors Battling COVID-19 In The Most Heartwarming Way

Many of us have come across the role of service dogs for the differently-abled, for people with mental disabilities, and for those who have experienced severe trauma. Service dogs have saved the lives of many on a daily basis and continue to do so diligently.

However, it is not only the disabled or affected that can use service dogs for their well-being. Service dogs can equally contribute to the well-being of everyday workers, especially those in highly stressful environments.

One service dog, Wynn, has been at the forefront of the novel coronavirus health care teams. Based in Denver, Wynn provides comfort and support for those working day and night on end to save the lives of many infected with the virus. The one-year-old Labrador has turned out to be an absolute blessing for the mental health of these workers.

Wynn lays in the tearoom, and when health care workers manage to catch a break, they simple cuddle up to her and absorb her love and compassion. Many health care workers have voiced the mental struggles they are faced with during this global pandemic, and that Wynn has been the relief and comfort that they so desperately need to carry on. Although Wynn is training to be a service dog for children and young adults with disabilities, at present she is providing an essential service for our hard-working citizens.

As much as our citizens continue to carry out life-saving work during the coronavirus pandemic, our four-legged friends are playing an equally important life-saving role. Protecting the mental health of our essential staff is a life-saving act in itself!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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