Service Labrador Helps Relieve Job Stress At Sheriff’s Office

Service Labrador Helps Relieve Job Stress At Sheriff’s Office

Lola is a rescued black Labrador who has been trained as a service dog for a unique job. She provides therapy to the workers at the Sheriff’s office. The idea of “Canine therapy” is relatively new to The Clay County Sheriff’s Office, but since Lola’s arrival, they haven’t looked back.

Many employees have expressed their happiness and the impact the therapy has had on them; the Captain remarks that people are generally in better moods. According to the Canine Therapy Corps; Canine therapy encourages people to improve their physical and psychological health by creating a bond between humans and dogs.

Patients undergoing this therapy are provided with comfort, motivation as well as emotional support from the service dog. With regards to the Sheriff’s Office, Lola’s work has caught the interests of agencies in her area and soon the 15-month-old dog will be providing services to more people.

It wouldn’t be a coincidence that 70% of dog parents are happier because of their dogs or that a great majority find it easier to wake up and face the day because their dog greets them. Service Dog or not, a dog’s ability to connect emotionally with humans is something special and should be encouraged.

The Captain remarked that no one is immune to a bad day and just having Lola, whether you’re a dog person or not, to interact with takes the mind away from pressing issues for a reliving time with the empathetic dog.

Image Credit: YouTube

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