Shelter Comes Up With Great Names For These Puppies To Help Them Find Loving Homes!

Shelter Comes Up With Great Names For These Puppies To Help Them Find Loving Homes!

With the big final installment of the main Marvel Cinematic Universe arc recently released, the Friends Animal Shelter decided to take full advantage of the Avengers: Endgame hype.

The shelter, located in Cocke County, Tennessee, commemorated this moment in pop culture in a very adorable way that also helped to get some little pups adopted!

On the 26th of April, a litter of nine puppies arrived on the shelter’s doorstep – the same day that the movie premiered. The four female and five male pups were given good food and a comfy kennel to cuddle and snooze in. A vet check revealed that they had lots of worms, and it was easy to detect the stench of cigarette smoke on them. They were so hungry that they wolfed down four whole bowls filled with food, too!

In order to draw interest to the puppies for potential adopters, the shelter decided to name them all after Avengers characters! There’s AntMan, Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, Doctor Strange, Okoye, Potts, Stark, Thanos, and Wasp, all with their own absolutely precious and lovely names.

So far, Carol Danvers and Okoye have found their forever homes already! More may have been adopted, too, but the shelter hasn’t provided any updates. These puppies will be in the shelter’s care for a few more weeks before they are healthy enough to go to their new homes, but with any luck, they’ll be in the clear soon!

Are you interested in one of these Avengers puppies? If so, give the Friends Animal Shelter a call at 423-532-6475 or email them at!

Images & Feature Image Source: Friends Animal Shelter of Cocke County

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