Shelter Gets A Makeover In An Attempt To Find Pups Their Loving Homes!

Shelter Gets A Makeover In An Attempt To Find Pups Their Loving Homes!

In Texas, near the Texoma Lake is a rural animal shelter called Tishomingo Animal Shelter. Like other rural shelters, Tishomingo faces a series of challenges, but they seem to have a few more than the others.

Their location and surrounding community doesn’t afford them much foot traffic, so they don’t have many volunteers or potential pet adopters, they don’t get many donations either. Miranda Lambert, the country superstar, changed all that when she moved from Nashville to Tishomingo! Lambert and Rescue Rebuild and Mars teamed up to help the shelter reach its full potential!


Over two days, 115 volunteers worked to help the shelter be bigger and better than ever. They installed some agility equipment in the outdoor yard, which will provide mental stimulation of the dogs. All of the rusted kennels and gates were replaced. The holes in the chain link fences were repaired too!


The façade got a new paint job, archway, and sign. Now the shelter is inviting and modern! The people in the community stopped by and helped too – with all the improvements and the more people coming, adoptions are finally happening! Miranda Lambert has a long history of helping dogs in need, she has a Foundation called MuttNation that has helped dozens of dogs displaced when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas.


MuttNation has the mission to facilitate and promote the adoption of shelter pets, educate the public about the consequences of their actions, and to encourage spay and neuter programs.To find out about and support the foundation’s latest efforts, visit MuttNation’s Facebook page and their homepage.

Feature Image Source: Rescue Rebuild

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