Signs Your Dog May Be Allergic To You And What To Do

Signs Your Dog May Be Allergic To You And What To Do

Does your dog start sneezing each time you walk into the room? They might be allergic to you. While this might sound weird, bear in mind that some people are allergic to cats or dogs. It turns out that dogs can also be allergic to human dander.

Human dander is skin, hair, and other materials people shed throughout the day. According to Dr. Lydia Harbour, a veterinary dermatology resident at Dermatology for Animals in Phoenix, dogs can be allergic to human dander. She said tests on her pet patients showed less than a quarter of pets have a positive reaction to human dander and such pets are usually allergic to other things like mold, pollen, or mites, which can cause a more severe reaction than human dander.

If you suspect your dog might be allergic to you, the best way to find out is to ask your veterinarian to run an allergy test. Some signs your dog may show if they are allergic to you include:

  • Sneezing
  • Swollen face
  • Ear infections
  • Miliary dermatitis
  • Thinning hair
  • Increased grooming

While the thought of your dog being allergic to you can be upsetting, you need not be troubled, as there are several solutions. Typically, if your dog is allergic to human dander, your vet will prescribe a treatment plan, including allergy shots, supplements, creams, and lotions.

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