Smart Pup Turns Off Parents' Alarm To Prevent Them From Going To Work!

Smart Pup Turns Off Parents' Alarm To Prevent Them From Going To Work!

What would you do if you discovered that your alarm was mysteriously shutting off each morning? Alexandre Lima had to ask himself that very question when he kept oversleeping for work.

He admitted that initially, he thought he was the one turning off the alarm while asleep, however, he soon found out he was wrong!

After a long week of being late for work, his livelihood was threatened. This is when the mystery of the turned-off alarm was solved. All along, it was Dory – his dog. He found out one morning when the alarm had rung long enough for him to wake up. This is when he caught Dory red-handed – she was licking the phone! The smart pup had found a way to silence Alexandre’s alarm.

Both he and his wife were dumbfounded. Then they took a video of Dory, hoping that it would suffice for an explanation to Lima’s boss, who found it absolutely hilarious. While the smart pup was to blame for it all, her dad didn’t keep a grudge. He believes that Dory had a very cute reason to shut off the alarm. Alexandre thinks that she associated it with her parents leaving home. So, by shutting off the alarm, she would have them for a few more hours.

Unfortunately for the pup, her parents have found a way to keep her from messing with the alarm again – putting the phone on a shelf far from her reach. But who can blame her for trying?!

Image Credit: Instagram

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