Sneaky Puppy Sniffs Out Her Present And Quickly Unwraps It!

Sneaky Puppy Sniffs Out Her Present And Quickly Unwraps It!

The only thing better than opening a present on Christmas morning? Opening it early! And it seems Hemi, the Hutchinson family dog, agrees!

Kim Hutchinson, Hemi’s mum, had bought the perfect present for her beloved bulldog, a squeaky toy, naturally. Kim wrapped the toy up nicely, and for good measure, she buried the gift under a pile of other presents for the rest of the family to keep it well hidden.

But, of course, that didn’t stop Hemi!

Somehow, though it was tightly wrapped and throughly hidden, Hemi was able to sniff out the present and unwrap it. But that wasn’t all. The sneaky pup hid the toy so that she could play with it and not get found out.

How clever!

Well… almost.

How did Kim find out about Hemi’s exploits? For one, the chaos that Hemi had caused digging through the pile of presents was a dead giveaway! And if that wasn’t enough, the squeaks from behind the sofa let everybody know just was she was up to!

You might think Kim was mad at Hemi for jumping the gun, but instead, the whole family was rather impressed with her ingenuity!

“She would have had to go through a lot to get to her toy underneath that pile of presents,” Kim explained. “It’s actually quite impressive!”

Images & Feature Image Source: Kim Hutchinson

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