Terrified Pup Who Lost All Her Fur Looks Completely Different Now Thanks To These Heroes

Terrified Pup Who Lost All Her Fur Looks Completely Different Now Thanks To These Heroes

It was virtually impossible to discern the breed of Ziva when her photo was first shown to Barbara Zuluaga, a board member at A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue, an organization in Houston, Texas.

The pup is covered in mange and sores, and she was so malnourished that she only weighed 12 pounds – half of her healthy size. She was just 8 months old and had clearly been very severely neglected when she first arrived at the BARC Animal Shelter after being spotted tied to a tree. The pads on her paws were completely rubbed raw and her skin was crusty.

As it turned out, Ziva was a Staffordshire terrier mix. She was so scared of everyone that if she was touched, she would shake and shiver uncontrollably. She would refuse to make eye contact with anyone. That’s when Zuluaga stepped in to take Ziva for proper veterinary treatment. Stephanie Williams was one of the veterinary technicians who was working on Ziva, and she fell in love with the pup and couldn’t stand to say goodbye to her just yet, so she decided to foster her and be a part of her recovery process.

It only took two months for Ziva to put on some weight and grow a beautiful coat of fur, and it was a learning process for her! She learned to eat and drink from dog bowls, leap onto the sofa for cuddles, and curl up to sleep in a comfortable bed. Soon, she was ready for adoption.

Zuluaga knew that, although plenty of applicants were in love with Ziva, it was important to find the right person to take her in. Ziva needed someone who would slowly help her come out of her shell and work through her fear and anxiety issues. Then, Zuluaga received a message from a woman named Cassidy Rogers who had been touched by Ziva’s story and had a past of rehabilitating dogs. Zuluaga immediately knew she would be the perfect Mom for Ziva!

Ziva, now named Roxy, has since adapted wonderfully to her new forever home on Fort Worth, Texas, with Mom Cassidy. She loves her Mom dearly and is practically joined at the hip to her! We’re so thrilled to hear that this pup got a new shot at life!

Images & Feature Image Source: A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue

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