Tesla The German Shepherd Tackles Bubbles In Slow Motion!

Tesla The German Shepherd Tackles Bubbles In Slow Motion!

Tesla the German shepherd is having the time of his life chasing away bubbles that have taken over his territory! How he tackles them we all know, but a slow motion will reveal all the little details!

Tesla the German shepherd, like all other fur balls, loves to play with bubbles! He loves them so much that if they cross his territory, he won’t stop at anything to catch them! But is bubble chasing good for dogs? Let another dog tell you!

According to Max on Facebook, “Good thing all that bubble popping is actually good for dogs. All that chasing, jumping and chomping is great exercise – so encourage your dog to run after those bubbles and try to pop each and every last one of them! If you’re not the bubble-blowing type, that’s okay too. Luckily there are plenty of bubble blowers designed especially for dogs. There are dog bubble machines that blow giant bubbles or bubble shooters that blow mini bubbles, and lots of fun bubble scents like bacon bubbles or chicken bubbles or peanut butter bubbles.”

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Slow Motion Bubble Chasing

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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