The Best Kept Secret To Potty Training Your Dog

The Best Kept Secret To Potty Training Your Dog

Potty training can be a tricky (and exhausting) experience for all involved! I remember when I adopted my first puppy, it seemed like I was constantly watching both ends for the first few months I had her. What’s she eating? Why is she squatting like tha…oh no!

Poochie Bells

Image Credit: Poochie Pets

Nothing is sacred. It can be a tough time, but I did a lot of research and thankfully, learned about something that made the whole experience a lot easier! It’s a little something called Poochie Bells.

Basically, Poochie Bells are a training method combined with a set of doggie bells that you hang on your door (preferably the door they will use to go outside).

The idea is you teach your fur kid to ring the bell when they need to go potty. As someone who had been doing what felt like continuous potty runs 24 hours a day, I was open to the idea but admittedly skeptical about how much of a difference this could really make in the potty training process.

Let me tell you – it changed everything! I will never attempt to potty train again without Poochie Bells. My stubborn little puppy quickly learned that the sound of the bells meant she got to go outside and when she did her business where she was supposed to, I rewarded her with lots of treats and affection. We repeated the process, at first with me ringing the bell when we were going out to go potty, but she quickly caught on and started ringing the bell on her own when she needed to go. I cannot tell you how many accidents this saved us as we were both just beginning to understand each other.

Since going through the potty training process, I have learned that dachshunds (like my puppy) are notorious for being difficult to potty train – even well into adulthood. That could explain some of my initial challenge with my fur kid but it also gave me further appreciation for the Poochie Bells training. It worked on my stubborn fur kid so surely this could be helpful for others too. I used it again when I adopted an adult dog several years back and it worked like a charm! I would highly recommend this tool to anyone potty training a puppy or adult dog.

I haven’t seen them in many stores, but you can get them online here. At A Dog’s Love, each purchase of Poochie Bells provides 3 days of food to shelter dogs too so it’s a nice way to do some good while getting a great potty training tool.

Have any questions? Comment below! I’ll share my experience!

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