The Pecking Order For Dachshunds And Ducks!

The Pecking Order For Dachshunds And Ducks!

What happens when you get a couple of ducks and doxies together? Well…just wait and see!

Roscoe the dachshund can’t seem to leave the ducks alone and they retaliate. Although Roscoe gets pecked by the ducks, he always comes back for more!

In this video, you will see Roscoe, the dapple mini dachshund, being attacked by ducks –playfully, that is. This greeting and pecking is a daily occurrence at Roscoe’s place!

His human says, “Our Mini Dachshund Roscoe is playing with our ducks in the front yard….they peck at him but he always goes back for more…sorry you can hear me in the background i was on the phone with my mother …LOL”

He’s not worried about getting hurt. Those pecks are just like water off a duck’s back to him!

Watch the video below to see the dachshund vs ducks!

Feature Image Source: nucleartrout

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