A Pillow "Exploded" And There Are Two Suspects...

A Pillow "Exploded" And There Are Two Suspects...

There has been a strange phenomenon going on all over the world where pillows are mysteriously “exploding.” The phenomenon usually occurs when nobody is home except for the dogs.

In this case, we have a beautiful golden retriever named Cream and a stunning German shepherd dog named Cookie (Cookie & Cream, get it?). Now, the thing is, this apparently happened overnight when everyone else was sleeping so there were no other witnesses, but when the family awoke, the pillow was on the floor, with shreds and stuffing all over the place.

Now, if there was only one dog, it would make the line of questioning a lot easier, but with two, it’s hard to tell who is guilty. Dad makes the rounds and asks, “who ripped that cushion?” but neither of the girls seem to want to say anything about it. No one knows who did it, because they both are professional when it comes to hiding their guilty face!

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Watch the video below to see the hilarious situation and tell us in the comments below – who did it? Cookie or Cream?

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Feature Image Source: Rab Paterson

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