They Raided This Abandoned House. What They See Inside? I'm Heartbroken

They Raided This Abandoned House. What They See Inside? I'm Heartbroken

If you’re unfamiliar with pup breeding facilities, allow me to enlighten you on this one in Gibson County, Tennessee. Innocent fur balls are kept in cages and forced to breed, and are virtually never cared for or shown any kindness.

This particular puppy mill housed 50 poorly-treated pups. Poor things! Luckily, a national nonprofit animal protection organization known as the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) arrived to save the day! The effort was known as Operation Summer.

They found many pups of smaller breeds who were living in tiny cages covered in filth. They’d been forced to urinate and defecate within their cages, which probably had never been cleaned. This includes puppies of only a few days old! Poor little things.

Most of these pups had not been fed in days, and there was no water to be seen on the facility. How could anyone do such a thing? A heartbreaking encounter occurred when a cage with three fur balls in it was spotted.

Only two of these pups were alive. Later, another fur ball was also discovered to have passed on. The 48 surviving pups were then moved to an emergency shelter near Nashville.

And the owner of this puppy mill is not getting away with it! They are charged with 50 counts of animal cruelty. Meanwhile, other operations have also been in place.

For example, in Tennessee, Operation Dire Straits saved 32 animals, including an almost fatally malnourished fur ball puppy named Bonaparte, who also suffered a fractured jaw.

These cruel acts need to be stopped! If you’d like to help, please donate to these animal rescues groups. Share away to spread the word.

Feature Image Source: Aimee Stubbs / Animal Rescue Corps

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