This Adorable Pup Doesn't Want Dinner Time To End!

This Adorable Pup Doesn't Want Dinner Time To End!

Our pups sure do love to eat! It seems that if we just let them, they will probably gorge themselves until they are fit to burst. Really, is there no end to their hunger? They have got to feel full at some point, right? (Our scientific deductions suggest no, their tummies are secretly black holes.)

This Beagle pup named Oliver certainly wants more food to eat. He is a growing boy, you see – he needs all that food to fuel his physical changes from puppy to full-grown adult! Unfortunately, Mom and Dad have decided that he has eaten enough for dinner.

Oliver, sad that dinnertime has already ended, begins to whine and beg for more food. Just look at how sad this pup is! Alas, he is forced through the 5 stages of grief as quickly as possible, since Mom and Dad are firm in not giving any more food.

Feature Image Source: Oliver the Beagle

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