This Dachshund’s Favorite Game With His Mom Is Adorable!

This Dachshund’s Favorite Game With His Mom Is Adorable!

Meet Apple, the adorable young dachshund. Apple has a favorite game that involves a plastic bottle and some very yummy food.

It starts with Apple’s mom filling a plastic bottle with some of Apple’s favorite food, and then she flattens the middle a bit so he can grab onto it easily. From there, the games begin!

Apple the dachshund is having a hilarious time with his mom chasing him as he runs with a flattened plastic bottle. He loves this game as he is really fast, short, and really good at it. Mom has no hope of catching him which suits him just fine.

We love when he was so busy staring at the camera he didn’t see mom sneaking up on him and he only just had time to grab his precious bottle and run!

This video shows that simple toys are the most fun for a pup especially if his mom will play too! See the adorable video on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see Apple having fun with his mom and a plastic bottle!

Feature Image Source: applethedoxie

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