This 'Gender Reveal' Photoshoot Is Going To Melt Your Heart And Leave You Stunned!

This 'Gender Reveal' Photoshoot Is Going To Melt Your Heart And Leave You Stunned!

Gender reveal parties and photoshoots are pretty commonplace, but it’s not every day you see one done for dogs!

In Lufkin, Texas, photographer Carlye Allen has just shot an absolutely adorable series of pictures for the cutest possible gender reveal photo session ever: one for a different kind of baby – a furry one!

It all started with Rey Dakota Stone, a gorgeous, just-adopted puppy who loves to flash a beautiful smile. She’s a natural in front of the camera and is super photogenic! She and her four siblings were found walking forlornly down a road by a woman named Gracie Gonzalez. Gracie, the founder of a boarding facility that offers shelter to pups in need, knew she had to help them!

Originally, Gracie thought they were from a nearby home that she’d noticed had new puppies, but upon checking with the family, found that they were, in fact, completely different! Naturally, she knew she had to take them in. She fostered the adorable puppies as they awaited new homes.

It wasn’t long before someone named Joy Stone saw pictures of one of the puppies! She couldn’t resist adopting the little pup, and that dog is now Rey – the puppy having so much fun in these precious photographs! Rey is so happy that she’s found a Mommy who loves her dearly, and we’re happy that it led to these pictures. It’s perfect!

Images & Feature Image Source: Photographed by Carlye Allen

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