This Holiday Season Spoil Your Senior Dogs With These Incredible Gifts!

This Holiday Season Spoil Your Senior Dogs With These Incredible Gifts!

Planning to get your senior dog a gift this holiday season? Why wouldn’t you – they’re a part of the family, and they deserve to be spoiled. But what can you get them? Here are 6 options!

Easy Step Stairs

These stairs, which come in one to four steps, can help an older dog climb onto a bed, sofa, or other tall item.

Chew Ring

Want to play fetch with a twist? There’s nothing better than a chew ring that your dogs can chew, fetch and play tug-of-war with! Made with nylon that can withstand aggressive chewing and tugging, you can be sure this ring will be your dog’s most loved toy. As if that’s not enough, when your dogs chew on this ring, it not only massages their gums but also removes tartar buildup on their teeth! What’s not to love?!

GameChanger Puzzle Toy

This toy is durable and sturdy, and you can fill it with your dog’s favorite treats to keep them occupied and happy for hours on end. It’s soft enough to be gentle for your older dog’s teeth!

WaggWalker Dog Harness

Available in six sizes, it’s not just great for training younger dogs in proper walking, but it’s also just a great easy-to-use product that you can use while taking your pooch for walks.

Peanut Butter BreathStick

Have you got a serious chewer on your hands? Well, this BreathStick will help your chewer satisfy their chewing requirements! Moreover, it also helps fight dog breath! Featuring lots of knobs that make chewing delightful, this BreathStick is made from durable nylon that can also withstand aggressive chewing!

Hip & Joint Supplement

If your senior dog is starting to struggle with joint or hip pain, these supplements can be of great help to them!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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