This Is What Your Dog's Poop Is Trying To Tell You... And You Should See THIS

This Is What Your Dog's Poop Is Trying To Tell You... And You Should See THIS

As strange as it may sound, pup mommies and daddies need to be aware of what their fur ball’s poop is telling them. Yes, you heard me – or rather, read me – right!

The condition of your pup’s poop actually reflects their health. Here are some things you should be paying attention to. First, you have to pay attention to the color. Not all stools are brown, so it’s important to know whether or not the color of your pup’s means anything you should take note of. Pup food dyes might affect colors, but some infections can make stools a yellowish color.

A black stool is a bad sign and usually is an indicator of life-threatening stomach bleeding. Consistency is another thing to pay attention to. A normal stool should be firm but compressible, like a human’s. Stools that are far too watery or extremely hard and dry are both negative signs, so if your fur ball’s stool is abnormal, take a sample to a veterinarian.

Pups usually defecate around once or twice daily depending on how often they are fed. If they go more than twice, pay extra attention their stools’ condition, because it can be a sign of diarrhea! So we all know that poop has to stink, but if a stool stinks too much, there’s something wrong. The problems could range from inflammatory bowel disease to maldigestion, so it’s best to schedule an appointment with the vet if the odor becomes more foul than usual.

What if you notice that your fur ball’s poop isn’t just poop? What if it’s combined with foreign material, blood, or mucous? It would be best to contact your veterinarian if you notice other things in your pup’s stool. Better safe than sorry! Make sure to take care of your pup’s health! Like and share this so other pup mommies and daddies can be aware of their pup, too!

Feature Image Source: iheartdogs

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