This Pup Has Found A Best Friend In A... Ferret?!

This Pup Has Found A Best Friend In A... Ferret?!

Pups can be friends with anyone. This German shepherd pup is best friends with a ferret, and they love playing together!

Right now, they’re doing just that on the sofa and having a right blast. They get a little rough, although the pup is very gentle and makes sure that his buddy isn’t seriously hurt.

But then, as they play, the ferret slips off the sofa and falls onto the floor. Oh dear! He tries to get back up, but the cheeky little pup won’t let him. As far as he’s concerned, he’s won this little game of play fighting that they’ve done. Whenever the ferret gets close to coming back onto the couch, the pup lightly pushes him with his nose. Naughty pup!

These two are really quite unlikely friends, what with the laidback and gentle pup, and the feisty ferret. They do make quite the dynamic duo! Don’t forget to like and share away!

Feature Image Source: kyle widemer

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