This Silly Golden Retriever LOVES Head Massages!

This Silly Golden Retriever LOVES Head Massages!

Dogs are a lot like humans in a lot of ways. Humans and dogs both like food, cuddles, and spending quality time with the ones we love. Now we can add one more thing to the list – we both enjoy a good massage.

Meet Ginger, the golden retriever. Ginger loves affection like any other dog, but she especially loves head massages. After a long day of doing doggie things, it feels great to have that tension rubbed out. Ginger closes her eyes and just basks in the incredible feeling as her human gives her a head and ear massage. You can see her relaxing more and more, just giving herself over to the massage and forgetting anything else exists!

What is it about a good massage that just makes you forget all your troubles? They are so relaxing! And now, that’s something that canine or human, we can all appreciate!

Want to learn more about this breed? Check the info below provided by Pets4Homes:

Probably one of the most trusting of all the breeds of dog, the Golden Retriever is a very friendly dog to every person it meets.

Golden Retrievers generally love to work, and want to please their parent as well.

Now see the video of Ginger enjoying her massage on page 2!

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Watch the video below to see the Golden enjoying her head massage!

Feature Image Source: Chris Weaver

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