This Silly Little Dachshund Adores Her Backpack!

This Silly Little Dachshund Adores Her Backpack!

Meet Heidi, the dachshund who loves her new backpack. Her mommy got the backpack for her so that she can take Heidi just about everywhere she goes!

Although most dogs do not want to go and fit themselves into these bags, Heidi is an exception. Maybe it’s the dachshund in her that likes getting into small places, or maybe it’s just her own personal taste. She really loves the backpack meant just for her. In fact, she really loves being in it and can’t wait to get back in!

Her human is curious as to why she really loves being in that bag and tells her to get out of it. She manages to slip out of the bag easily but now she is desperate to get back in.

She knows that if she gets in that bag and stays there she can go out on adventures with mom! Not a bad deal, and she doesn’t even have to do any of the walking!

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Watch the video below to see Heidi and her backpack!

Feature Image Source: FateOrRollOfTheDice

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