This Stray Pup Was So Severely Matted That Even Rescuers Were Heartbroken To See His State

This Stray Pup Was So Severely Matted That Even Rescuers Were Heartbroken To See His State

When Sang Su was rescued from the Chicago streets, he was in such bad shape that it wasn’t clear what breed he was.

He was covered in heavily matted fur that caused him to appear amorphous. The fur was soaked in waste and was like a vice around his ears and legs – that’s how tightly it was tangled, and he smelled awful.

The shelter who picked Sang Su up knew they wouldn’t be able to give him the care he needed. So they reached out to the Trio Animal Foundation, a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping animals who have been extremely neglected. They agreed to take him in.

Sang Su was taken to an animal hospital in order to have him groomed thoroughly. Four medical professionals worked for two hours in order to remove the matted fur from the sedated pup – a whopping 3 pounds of it. And the dog that emerged from under the tangled mess was nothing short of beautiful!

Sang Su looked like a totally different dog, and it was revealed that he was a cocker spaniel mix. The pup was finally able to run around and stretch his legs, move without pain, and see clearly! Due to all the trauma he must have gone through, he was terrified around people, but luckily, he craves affection more than anything else.

The pup would go up to people and ask to be pet, even when he was shaking in every single limb. Despite his anxiety around people, Sang Su just wants love and affection – and this is something that the organization is sure will aid in his recovery. He is not going through therapy sessions with other rescued pups so he can be socialized.

For now, Sang Su needs time to recover.

When he’s ready, he’ll be available for adoption. And with any luck, that won’t be too long from now.

Images & Feature Image Source: Trio Animal Foundation

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