This Woman’s Photoshoot with Her Dogs Didn’t Go as Planned but It Was Hilarious

This Woman’s Photoshoot with Her Dogs Didn’t Go as Planned but It Was Hilarious

Agnieszka Ciszyńska and her three Swiss Shepherds are inseparable. You can tell from the countless pictures she shares on their Facebook and Instagram accounts. You want to look them up. Search “White Valhalla Wolves” A deserving name if you ask me.

“We spend all our time together chilling at home or going on vacation together,” Ciszyńska says of the three dogs, Fenris, Björn, and Walkiria. “They are very active and always ready to work, happy, friendly dogs.” She goes on to confess that she cannot even get an alone bathroom break. “They are always trying to be as close to us as possible. So, there’s no chance of going to the bathroom alone.”

A while ago the happy family was in Poland when they came across a field of sunflowers that seemed to be calling out to them. Begging for them to take a picture in it. They obliged. But, everything did not go as planned. First, the sunflowers were too high and they couldn’t get the perfect shot. Luckily, a friend agreed to be the chair so that the dogs could stand on his back.

Fenris, the tallest of the pups, didn’t need help to pose with the flowers but taking pictures was the last thing on his mind. He was more interested in devouring the flowers. Ciszyńska let him at it and managed to captures some pretty hilarious shots. But she didn’t imagine they would draw such a reaction from people when she posted them.

“They came out a little bit different than imagined, but I thought they were quite funny and unique. We didn’t expect them to bring so much joy to other people, it was a total surprise,” She says. The good news is that Fenris finally got tired of playing in the field and she got the perfect shots she was looking for.

Images Source: Instagram

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