Three More Awesome Ways To Help Feed Shelter Dogs While Caring For Your Own!

Three More Awesome Ways To Help Feed Shelter Dogs While Caring For Your Own!

Recently, we talked about some awesome items that can improve your pup’s safety and overall care while also giving a few days’ worth of food to shelters.

All this is made possible by purchasing those items through A Dog’s Love, who donate meals and food to shelters with every purchase. What if I told you that there are more of these items that you can choose from?

Poochie Bells

Are you trying to potty train your pup, but having a little difficulty with the process? Well, that’s what Poochie Bells is for! These bells hang off a string you can hang near the door, and the idea is that the fur ball should ring the bell when they need to go outside.


Ring the bells yourself every time you let your pup outside, and they’ll soon learn to follow suit! Purchasing this item will donate 3 days’ worth of food to shelters.


So you’ve potty trained your fur ball. What next? Well, then you have to clean up what your pup leaves behind after potty time! Not much has changed about the way pet parents do this, but a new invention called the Scoopette might just change that. It’s a lightweight, portable scooper that can clip onto a leash.


It holds closed with a magnet but is easy to open, and it makes picking up after larger pups easier! You also don’t have to worry about that icky feeling of touching poop through a plastic bag, and buying a Scoopette donates four days’ worth of food to shelters. No downsides here!


Now, how about some fun and games? The Gamechanger is an awesome new puzzle game for pups that is guaranteed to keep them occupied and fight boredom for a long period of time! Treats are inserted into the Gamechanger and mommies and daddies can choose the difficulty level for the puzzle.


Fur balls must then try to get the treats out, like with most puzzles, but the physical and mental stimulation that stems from this toy is unparalleled! It’s quiet and extremely durable, and it provides five days’ worth of foods to shelters. Perfect!

Purchasing any one of these items can help both your own pup and pups in shelters. Remember to buy them through A Dog’s Love! Do give this a like and share these great products around!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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