Tucked In Pup Falls Asleep While Watching TV! Aww!

Tucked In Pup Falls Asleep While Watching TV! Aww!

What’s your favorite way to unwind? With a hot drink and a good book? Vegging out on the sofa and scrolling through social media? Listening to your favorite music? This pup has her own way, too!

This cute dachshund pup is lying cuddled up in blankets in front of the TV. As the sounds from the television play in the background, the pup happily stays bundled and tucked in, living the life we all aspire the lead!

With all that comfort, it makes sense that the pup starts to drift off. He gets progressively more drowsy, struggling to keep her eyes open as sleepiness overtakes her. She puts up a good fight – after all, her favorite show is on! – but eventually, ultimately gives in and lets herself nap. Sweet dreams, pup!

When this pup wakes up, she’ll be able to enjoy the TV again, and maybe it’ll even be time for dinner. The possibilities are endless when you live a life of luxury! Don’t forget to like and share away, people!

Feature Image Source: Doxie_Pom

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