Vet Euthanizes This Pup By Mistake, But She Fights All Odds To Survive

Vet Euthanizes This Pup By Mistake, But She Fights All Odds To Survive

The simplest things can sometimes result in the most shocking twists. When Sugar the 8-year-old Shih Tzu pup was brought to a vet due to an ear infection, a horrifying mix-up resulted in her nearly losing her life.

Instead of ear infection medication, she was accidentally injected with a euthanasia drug. The vet who made the mistake told Sugar’s Mommy, Brittany Turnbill, to rush her to an emergency clinic right away, and Turnbill did so as quickly as she could.


Sugar was then placed in an ICU, and her Mommy had nothing left to do but wait. There is no way to reverse a euthanasia drug, so all that could be done was to keep the pup hooked up to tubes that kept her hydrated and alive and see if she managed to survive the first 24 hours.


And she did, but they were not out of the woods yet. It would take 72 more hours before her body metabolized the drug, and there was still no guarantee of her survival. But when her family visited her that day, her heart rate suddenly began to rise.


The pup had heard her family’s voices and knew she had to fight. The next night, she could be taken off ventilator support. She was still in a coma, but she showed more movement and responses. The next day, Sugar awoke and showed huge signs of recovery.


She no longer needed the breathing tube, she walked out to use the toilet, and she ate a whole jar of baby food all on her own. When she was checked for brain damage, the EEG revealed a chance for minor short-term memory loss, but that exactly it. Sugar escaped mostly unscathed, apart from an ulcer in her eye.


The pup is alive and well, now taking proper medications for her ear and eye. Despite the horrible mishap caused by a careless vet, Turnbill is only grateful and positive about the incident. She shared the story on her Facebook profile and quickly gained thousands of messages of support, prayers, and compassion. Amazing! Do like and share this story to celebrate this strong pup’s survival!

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