English Bulldog Is Not Sure About New Vacuum!

English Bulldog Is Not Sure About New Vacuum!

To us, a vacuum cleaner is just a device we use to clean the house. Not very exciting, and definitely not very fun! But what do dogs think of it? Well, we had situations where they were scared, they didn’t care or they wanted to play with it but most dogs definitely have an opinion on the subject!

Meet Porkchop, the English bulldog. He is not yet sure what to think of the new red machine that’s all over the house! He isn’t scared, but he isn’t all that confident either. All he knows is this machine is not to be trusted! It’s rumored to eat all the crumbs in the kitchen so there’s nothing left for dogs like him to lick up. When you think of it like that, it’s no wonder so many dogs hate vacuums!

His family says, “Porkchop the Engligh Bulldog is not quite sure if he can trust the new vacuum yet, so he investigates it the only way he knows how.. by hopping around and barking!”

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Source: English Bulldog Is Not Sure About New Vacuum… by DanDP on Rumble

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