Watch How This Adorable Pup Prefers To Keep Cool!

Watch How This Adorable Pup Prefers To Keep Cool!

When two siblings were on vacation at a dog-friendly hotel in Palm Springs, they knew they would be seeing some furry cuteness, but once they saw what this German shepherd pup was doing, they just knew they had to whip out their phones and film it, even for a few seconds!

The pup was clearly thirsty in the 42 degree heat of California, and by the pool, a handy outdoor shower area was waiting for him. Just because it was meant for those coming in and out of the pool, didn’t mean that the pooch couldn’t quench his thirst with some of it! With the help of a parent to turn the showerhead on, the pup eagerly jumped and leaped beneath the water, opening his mouth to catch the falling water droplets!

This cute and funny moment featuring such an enthusiastically happy pup is sure to put a smile on your face! It looks like he’s dancing under the water. What an adorable pup!

Feature Image Source: FunnyPetVideos

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