What This German Shepherd Does In His Free Time? #JamesBond

What This German Shepherd Does In His Free Time? #JamesBond

If you love German shepherd pups, then here’s one to brighten your day! Meet Max, a fur ball so stealthy and smooth that he’s being dubbed the James Bond pup.

Standing first in a doorway, Max carefully peers around the corner to check if the cost is clear. You’ve got to admire his skills! Then, he comes trotting out in adorable manner, but he looks so suave that you’ll think of him as more than just cute. Standing in front of his mommy, Max shows off his sleek, spy-worthy appearance.

With his ears pricked attentively in order to hear any clues, this observant fur ball paints a perfect spy picture. This is a pup Agent 007 would be proud to call his own! Wouldn’t you? Do you think Max is worthy of being a top secret spy pup? Check him out and judge for yourself! Don’t forget to like and share with your friends!

Feature Image Source: MAX German Shepherd

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