When You Can't Take Your Dog On A Trip With You (Part 2)

When You Can't Take Your Dog On A Trip With You (Part 2)

In our last article, we talked about boarding your dogs at a kennel, this article will focus on other options. If boarding your dog in a kennel is not an option for you, you might want to consider boarding them at your vet hospital or at someone’s home.

Boarding at your local vet hospital

If your local vet hospital is offering such a service, it can be the best option for your dogs, especially senior dogs who need to be given their medications on time.

Boarding at someone else’s house

Before you agree to board your dog at someone else’s house make sure you check the environment to ensure it’s safe for your dog. If they have a yard, make sure it is fenced. All the questions you asked for the kennel apply here too, especially if your dog has specific needs. Even if the ‘someone else’ is a close friend or relative, evaluate the situation before boarding your dog.

After your first evaluation, if you like what you see, take your dog with you for a second visit. This visit will help you determine whether or not your dog gets along with the person who will look after them in your absence. The person you decide to board with should love being around dogs and should be able to give your dogs the attention and care they need when you’re not around.

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