When You See Why This Dachshund Pup Is Barking, You'll Laugh!

When You See Why This Dachshund Pup Is Barking, You'll Laugh!

This adorable dachshund, along with his siblings, want something special from their daddy. This is why the fur ball decided that he’d be the one leading his siblings to this special thing! Can you guess?

This adorable dachshund pup had just celebrated his birthday a day before this video was taken, but here’s the thing – according to him, his birthday isn’t complete without a nice block of cheese! This is why he’s decided that he’d bark until his daddy would finally give in! But, talking about cheese, is it good for your fur balls?

According to VetInfo, “Cheese is a good source of protein for your dog. It also provides vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, Vitamin A, B-complex vitamins and essential fatty acids. A small piece of cheese can also provide the perfect camouflage for medications that your dog may need to take someday, so it can be helpful to offer your dog occasional treats of cheese, but only if his body can handle it.”

Therefore in small to moderate quantities, it usually is okay, but over-consumption of cheese can cause digestive upsets in your fur ball. Now take a look at these fur balls asking their daddy for cheese on page 2 below!

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Cheese, Glorious Cheese

Feature Image Source: Flickr

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