Whenever This Adorable Pup Greets Guests, She Always Brings Them Some Toys!

Whenever This Adorable Pup Greets Guests, She Always Brings Them Some Toys!

When guests come over, we have to be hospitable and welcoming. Often, this is a learned behavior – but for Atlas the Labrador mix pup, it comes naturally!

Atlas is 6 years old was adopted from The Animal Love Foundation by Kyla Pearce. She has always been calm and sweet with a pleasant temperament, so politeness wasn’t something she had to be taught. Even people who aren’t fond of dogs enjoy her relaxed company!

On top of that, Atlas is a fantastic host. Whenever guests come to visit the house, she doesn’t bark. Instead, she goes off to grab a prized toy from her stuffed plush collection and runs to greet them with it! She’s been doing this since she was just over one year old, often grabbing as many toys as she possibly can to meet her guest!

When Atlas is caught by surprise by an approaching visitor, she stops and ponders whether to run to the door first or to get a toy to greet them with first. Often, the toy wins out – she doesn’t want to welcome guests empty-handed, after all!

Some might think that Atlas wants the new visitors to play with her, but her behavior when asking for play is completely different. If she wants someone to play, she pushes the toy into their hand. When she greets visitors, she stands patiently and holds the toys and doesn’t allow them to be taken! Plus, if a guest gets confused and manages to take the toy from her, thinking she wants to play, she quickly runs off to grab another one as a more proper greeting tool.

On top of all that, there seems to be quite a bit of thought put into what Atlas chooses. As an example, whenever she chews something while her Mom is away, she brings a stuffed pig to the door that has now been dubbed the Apology Pig!

Atlas is a very smart pup and brings joy to all those she meets. She never fails to lift the spirits of those around her!

Images & Feature Image Source: Kyla Pearce

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