Why Is My Dog Digging Just Before Sleeping?

Why Is My Dog Digging Just Before Sleeping?

If you’re wondering why your pup has this habit of digging or appears to be digging and scratching her bed just before going to sleep, know that he/she is just being true to her canine nature.

According to a New York-based veterinarian, this kind of behavior is called denning or the natural instinct of canines to ensure that they have a comfortable and secure place to sleep in before retiring for the night. In the wild, canines are exposed to potential dangers from intruders including snakes, scorpions, and other predators.

To ascertain that he/she sleeps more comfortably in a secure space, canines perform this nightly ritual. Also, their species do not sweat. Instead, they pant and seek cooler spaces to retire, especially during the hot and humid months. So, if your pet is denning, he/she may be keeping his/her bed cool, and thus, more conducive to a restful sleep.

Lastly, your dog may also be ensuring that his/her bed is comfortable enough, and that, there are no lumps or anything that’s bothersome when he/she slumbers. This is similar to propping up pillows or preparing our bed, so it’s cozier and more comfortable to sleep in. Hence, while you should not prevent your pup from denning as it is instinctual and purposive, you can still help him/her get cozy at night, while at the same time, prevent damage to your prized couch and throws by providing him/her with his/her own blankets and pillows.

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