Woman Fearing Dogs Decides To Adopt A Dog Who Fears Humans...

Most of us know of a family member or friend who have been through a traumatizing experience with a dog, or maybe you’ve been through one yourself!

In everyday life, we see so many happy or cute posts about dogs on social media, and at times we find ourselves thinking about a having a dog by our sides as a companion, or perhaps as a protector. Yet, every time you consider finding a furry friend, you can’t help but relive the stories you’ve heard, or the feelings you might have felt. You find yourself questioning if you could ever handle a dog, if it’s worth the risk.

This was the exact experience that 51-year old teacher Teresa Hwang had. A Canadian woman who was bitten by a dog twice in her life and developed a serious fear because of it. She carried this fear for years, until something happened that changed her mind.

A couple of years ago, Teresa was babysitting her sister’s dog when the thought of adopting a dog crossed her mind. She researched many shelters and investigated adoption options, when she found an Australian Cattle dog mix, Boo.

Boo had been bounced around a few foster homes and was described as a dog who doesn’t do well around noise or busy environments, striking Teresa’s interest. A person afraid of dogs and a dog afraid of people! An adoption like this could only go one of two ways.

With a leap of faith, Teresa went to meet Boo and what happened next changed their lives forever…

Watch out for Part 2 to see what happened next!

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