This Woman Went A Step Ahead And Built Her Dog His Very Own Bedroom!

This Woman Went A Step Ahead And Built Her Dog His Very Own Bedroom!

Harry Potter’s bedroom under the stairs was never a comfortable or enviable place to live, but for a pup, that small space could have been just perfect for a little getaway corner.

Evidently, Betty McCall had that idea too. Her Chihuahua pup Poncho had always been nervous around guests and tended to get snippy. So when McCall moved to a new home, she was able to find a space to turn into a perfect bedroom right under the stairs!


At first, it was a relatively simply bedroom with just a food and water bowl and a normal doggy bed. But when McCall found a large American Girl bed, she thought it would be cute if Poncho had a human-like bed for his room. From there, the collection just grew.


Before McCall knew it, her sisters were giving or making small items to be added to the room. A little chest of drawers was installed for the pup’s toys, and a rug, lamp, framed picture, and wall décor were added to give it an extra homey feel.


A little piano was even thrown into the mix, so the pup can jam out whenever he wants! This pup sure is living the dream with this incredible room!


It looks cozy enough for any pup to enjoy, and in a bigger size, even humans could love it, too! Harry Potter wouldn’t be complaining if his room under the stairs had looked like this.

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