Woman Working At Drive-Thru Coffee Shop Always Takes Photos Of Pups Who Visit Her!

Woman Working At Drive-Thru Coffee Shop Always Takes Photos Of Pups Who Visit Her!

Charity Jesionowski has always loved animals of all kinds. As such, she was absolutely thrilled when she discovered the huge number of pups that stop by the drive-through coffee stand where she works.

Her community is quite dog-friendly, so Jesionowski winds up eagerly spotted around 30 pups on a daily basis, sitting in the seats of their parents’ vehicles when they stop by for a drink!

It wasn’t long before Jesionowski began to learn and remember the names of her pup regulars. She then decided to start snapping photos of all her adorable pet customers.

Sure, when she gets busy, she can’t constantly take pictures, but she takes as many as she can – and none of them ever leave without a treat!

Though Jesionowski must make sure her picture-taking doesn’t affect her job efficiency, she manages to squeeze in plenty of opportunities to snap pictures of the precious little pups she sees.

There are all sorts of dogs in all shapes, ages, and sizes that she sees, and she can’t resist getting photos of as many of them as she can.

All the pups are pretty happy to see Jesionowski, especially since they’re always eager to receive delicious treats! Sometimes there’s just one, and sometimes there’s a couple, and sometimes there’s a whole pack of them. She knows most of their names, though she barely knows any names of the humans.

The dogs know her very well, too! One particular regular is Richie, an English bulldog, and he always stares right at Jesionowski whenever he sees her. Jesionowski loves making the days of these precious pups, and it’s safe to say that they’re loving it, too.

Images & Feature Image Source: Charity Jesionowski

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