Yorkie Paralyzed At A Puppy Mill Learns To Walk Again

Yorkie Paralyzed At A Puppy Mill Learns To Walk Again

The National Mill Dog Rescue is used to help sick dogs. However, recently, they dealt with a case that was nothing like they had ever seen before. It was a case of a Yorkshire Terrier in very bad shape.

The dog weighed only 2.2 pounds and was rescued from a breeding facility. Aside from suffering from malnutrition, the dog had an accident that paralyzed his back legs.

The rescue took to their YouTube channel to share an update about the dog they named Jack. Volunteers at the rescue provided Jack with many TLC and went above and beyond to take care of him. While helping him, one of the staff fell in love with the pup and took him in.

It didn’t take long before Jack started trying to walk around after moving into his new forever home. He was given a onesie to protect him and started laser therapy. They also provided him with specialized treatments, including chiropractic treatments and physiotherapy.

It took a while, but eventually, Jack gained strength and was ready to get mobile. So, they got him a wheelchair to help him move around easily.

Jack runs around now in his wheelchair. The sweet pup is grateful to be alive and is living his best life now.

Image Credit: YouTube

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