You Just Have To See Rambo The Speaking German Shepherd Puppy!

You Just Have To See Rambo The Speaking German Shepherd Puppy!

When someone mentions a dog doing tricks, most people think of sitting, rolling over, or maybe shaking paws if you’re really fancy and for most dog owners, that’s about as far as the tricks go. The thing is, when you have a very smart dog like a German shepherd, for example, you can’t just stop there! You’ve got to challenge their minds to keep them stimulated and engaged.

Enter, Rambo, the German shepherd dog who is actually still a puppy at only 4 and a half months old. At this age, most people are struggling with potty training, and trying to get their puppies to stop chewing up furniture, but Rambo is focused on bigger and better things – like expressing himself!

Rambo knows how to speak which is a really cool trick all by itself, but he also knows the difference between “speak” (a strong bark) and “cry” (a soft whine). Not only that, he knows the difference between one and two! This is a very smart pup and if he’s already doing this at only 4.5 weeks old, we can only imagine what his future will hold!

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Watch the video below to see Rambo the shepherd and his tricks and remember to like and share Rambo’s incredible speaking abilities with your friends!

Feature Image Source: Meet the Chows

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