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Broccoli Vs. Carrots – Who’s Going To Win The ‘Most Favorite’ Battle?!

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What kind of vegetables does your pup like to eat? Thanks to evolution, pups have developed the capacity to eat plant-based stuff like grains and vegetables, in addition to their carnivorous diet.

Not only did this expand their list of possible food sources, but it means we can now feed them all sorts of things as treats!

You should, of course, always make sure that whatever you’re feeding your pup is safe for them to eat before giving it to them. Luckily for these English Bulldog puppies, broccoli and carrots are perfectly safe for them to eat – and are pretty yummy too! Just which of these vegetables will the pups choose?

Evidently, the answer is a simple, obvious one – broccoli, of course! The green vegetable wins out over the root-based plant, and these puppies are more than happy to munch down on it! Perhaps their parents could give them a few more heads of broccoli – they certainly seem like they need it!

Feature Image Source: Snuggle ‘n Snore

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