Can Dogs And Cats Be Friends? This Video Will Melt Your Heart!

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This won’t come as a news flash to animal lovers – cats and dogs do get along! There are some exceptions, of course, but dogs and cats can be friends!

Take Barney and Ava for example. Barney is a yellow Labrador that lives in England at the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. He has taken it upon himself to raise and protect Ava, a tiny kitten! Both Ava and Barney had been abandoned by their families and made the most of it by becoming best friends! Battersea Dogs & Cats Home rescues cats and dogs and will take care of them until a new forever family can be found.

The shelter was founded in 1860 by Mary Tealby and moved to Battersea in 1871. According to their website, they care for over 7,000 cats and dogs each year! They strive to turn no animal away and care for them until a family can be found – no matter how long that takes!

Feature Image Source: buzzvideos

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