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Can Dogs Be Trained To Wear Clothes?

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There are times when putting some clothes on your dogs can actually keep them safe, for example, putting some clothes on them because it’s too cold outside, or to stop them from licking a surgery scar. But can you teach your dogs to love being in their clothes?

Yes, but you need to keep in mind that while most dogs can learn to wear clothes, the time it takes for them to be comfortable in clothing will vary. The experience of teaching him to wear clothes should not make your dog uncomfortable or frighten him, and hence, if you think your dog is getting stressed during clothes-training, take it slow.

Remember your dog’s wellbeing comes first and hence they should always be supervised when they’re wearing clothes and that their clothes should have no choking hazards. Here are a few more tips to train your dogs to wear clothes:

1. Start teaching them to wear clothes from an early stage. It’s better to train puppies to start getting comfortable in their clothes so by the time they’re adults they have no problem wearing clothes you pick out for them.

2. Make sure that their clothes are simple, nothing too fancy for your dog to handle. Keep their legs, feet, privates, and head uncovered. Once your dog is comfortable wearing simple clothes you can try introducing fancy dresses.

3. Make sure the dress-up time is short when they start wearing clothes for the first time. Keep the time between 10 and 60 seconds after which remove their clothes and let them relax. When they’re wearing their clothes, offer them treats and praise or give them food puzzles to solve – this teaches them that wearing clothes comes with good things!

Does your dog love wearing clothes? Let us know in the comments!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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