Can Our Pups Understand Math? Check Out This Awesomeness! - A Dog's Love

Can Our Pups Understand Math? Check Out This Awesomeness!

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All students will know just how difficult trying to study can be. It just seems like there is no way you can cram all this information into your head with so little help! As a result, students have to spend ages studying to understand and process the things they are supposed to learn.

This Labrador Retriever is trying really hard to follow along in a math class, but he doesn’t seem to quite understand what is going on! Not for the lack of trying, of course. Initially, he seems pretty happy to be listening in on the lesson. But as the teacher continues talking, he gets extremely puzzled!

As intelligent as this pup is, he can’t really quite do math just yet. That needs a human brain, unfortunately! Nevertheless, his furry presence is definitely welcome among the students, who absolutely adore this pup who is just simply trying his best!

Feature Image Source: Albus the Labrador

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